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Annual Pale Rider Memorial Run and Homeless Veterans Benefit
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JAG - 8 years ago

       Come out and join the Boozefighters MC 93 Saturday September 11, 2010 for their annual ride to remember brother Pale Rider followed by a benefit/party to raise money for homeless Veterans. 

       It all starts at noon at Acord's Pizza & Subs (2254 Blain Highway).  The ride will leave at noon and return at 4pm.  Gates for the benefit will open at 5pm.  An entry fee of $10.00 per single or $15.00 per couple includes 4 bands, food and camping.  All proceeds will be donated. 

       Beer will be available for purchase on site.

       Come help raise money for a good cause and party 'til the sun comes up!  

       All public are welcome and encouraged to attend.  You do not need bike to attend the party.  

Event hosted by Boosefighters BFMC93 and Acord's Pizza & Subs.

*BFMC93 and Acord's Pizza & Subs reserve the right to refuse or dismiss anybody at anytime for any reason.
NO Weapons, No Attitudes and No Violence...*


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