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My Favorite Item from Lloyd's Sweet Shoppe
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ichillicothe - 9 years ago
Updated: 9 years ago

This is going to be nice short and sweet.  Lloyd's Sweet Shoppe is by far the best spot in town for candy.  The only thing that keeps me away everyday is the fact that I don't have the money to get candy there everyday. 

I still remember my first trip there as a kid.  I felt like I was in wonder land or the chocolate factory.  Being that little with so many candy choices was just amazing.  One of my favorite items then was the little dots that came on a sheet of paraphane paper.  They weren't all that great just fun to pull off and eat. 

Now back to my favorite candy now as a grown up.  I have developed a strong love for dark chocolate.  Trying to eat healthier this is a major weakness for me.  This is where the dark chocolate nonpareils come into the picture.  These are by far the best piece of dark choclate I have found in Chillicothe.  Let me assure you as a dark chocolate connaisseur I have had plenty, so you can take my word on this one.  The chocolate from these mixed with that sweetness of the nonparelis beads just melts in your mouth.  This is an item I would definately recommend to everyone.   If you are passing by Lloyd's, stop in and try them out. I am sure they will give you a sample.  They are however a ittle on the pricey side going for $9.50 a pound.  This however is a good thing becaue if they were any cheaper I may just live off of them. 

Here is a lovely picture of this wonderful sweet treat.  I hope you guys enjoy this little review.  Don't just take my word for it.  Stop in and try a few. 


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