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King Sulzer vs The People
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btackett - 9 years ago
Updated: 9 years ago

From the red light cameras to the purchase of the AEP building the Mayor continues to think he is "King of Chillicothe".  Shall we all bow now or later Mr. Mayor?  It seems as though he has forgotten he is a servant to the people.  Nothing more nothing less!  It is our will he is to serve!  This is something both sides have forgotten.  The people of Chillicothe as well as the Mayor have forgotten the governed are the ones with the power.  The people of this town need to understand we do not have to sit around and listen to King Sulzer.  This still is America and we still have a huge say in what goes on downtown.  At this point in time we are not living under an Oligarcy.  We have in effect a Constitutional Republic.  So this is my call for everyone to ensure it stays this way.  Citizens we employ these people to do what is right and in our best interest.  They are to serve and ensure our god given rights are protected.  If we think they need a new building then we will get it for them.  Until then stay put!  You don't need a castle, "King Sulzer".  You should be voting on whether we are going to take that money and put it toward ensuring our safety.  That would be through police and fire protection.  Also continuing to ensure our rights are not stripped with the use of red light cameras.  Also protection from unfair taxation.  This also means ensuring the city government does not become big brother/big government.  This means operating within their constitutional boundaries.  Only operating on what they truely need and staying within their budgets. 


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