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Grinders Coffee & Cafe Review
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ichillicothe - 9 years ago
Updated: 9 years ago

Today we decided to review a restaurant for  We were downtown and past by Grinders.  We walked in and my first thought was the place was kept nice and clean.  We were greeted immediately and were able to choose our seat!  
We found our seat and were asked for our choice of drink.  My friend and I both chose water. Within a minute we had ice cold water in front of us.  I did not think of this a first but after a few sips into my water I noticed how clean and chilled it was.  This may sound funny but I have been to restaurants in the past and had horrible water before.
GrindersHomemade ChipsAfter returning with our waters the waitress gave us our menus and said she would be right back with our chips!  This is definitely a plus, an appetizer and FREE.  She returns with our chips and we gave them a try.  I started eating them and really found them to be very enjoyable.  In fact we dug into them and realized we did not take a picture yet.  So if it looks like they did not give us that much it is because we just had to try them.
Grinder Grilled Chicken SaladGrinders Grilled Chicken WrapThe waitress returned and ask if we were ready to place our order. I chose the grilled chicken salad [$7.16 with extra croutons]. OK, I know when you go and review a restaurant you should try something they specialize in but it was too late for that.  Plus this is our first review.  My buddy ordered the grilled chicken wrap with fries [$6.30].
Within five or so minutes our orders came out.  I was impressed with how quick our food was ready.  So the grilled chicken salad was... well a salad with all your salad ingredients. Grilled chicken, lettuce, little grape tomatoes, onions, red cabbage and croutons.  The croutons are Grinder's house croutons.  Grinders Extra CroutonsThere wasn't many crutons on the salad so I asked for more.  The waitress brought back a good size bowl of extra crutons.  I found out later I had to pay for those crutons.  I did not mind that but I could see some people not liking that at all.  That being my only complaint for Grinders and not even me complaining.   Just me giving an opinion that could help improve an already good customer service restaurant.  My friend had eaten at the restaurant before and really liked his grilled chicken wrap with fries.  This is what he normal orders here and had no complaints.  He was actually trying to insist that I try it because he likes it so well.  I however chose a little healthier route and went for the plain jane grilled chicken salad.  
So we finished our food and the waitress took our plates and brought us our bill which was quick too. We also noticed they are a horizon hot spot. But you have to have a horizon account to use it. So that does me no good because I am not a Horizon member. 
As we got outside I took a picture of the restaurant for this review and the waitress came out asking us if we were from out of town. She said she never saw someone taken pictures of their food before. We explained we were doing a review of the restaurant. 
She asked if everything was OK and we told her yes.  I hope she did not worry to much because I thought everything but my choice of a meal was pretty good. 

The biggest wow factor for this restaurant are the homemade chips that come out before the meal.  The chips will infact keep me coming back so keep up the good work Grinders.  The next thing that will bring me back is the restaurants cleanliness. 


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