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"Believing and Living the Ultimate Possibilities"
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HRGRIMM - 9 years ago

Tuesday January 19, 2010
The snow has melted in this mid-January thaw. A few little piles of snow still linger but soon these will be but a memory. Not long ago our city and region was blanketed with pure white on every lawn, sidewalk and street. All that was covered is apparent now for all to see. Yet, winter isn’t over and there will be another blanket or two as the same cycle will repeat its seasonal work.

Such is life in so many aspects; given enough time things are seen for what they are.

Too often this previous line is in reference to that which is the negative and the disheartening. Maybe it is merely our very nature that makes us demand every lurid detail of failures. Regardless, it has become our American culture, hence, all day radio talk shows, and numerous analyses on television and, let’s face it, bad news sells newspapers, magazines and tabloids. In the final analysis just what is the social or eternal redemptive factor of such?

In the wake of such reports of lives destroyed there are family members left to over exposure. Scarred with the scarlet letter these are to pick up the pieces of respectability. At times, I fear that somehow the message of redemption seems lost as if beyond the reaches of the Church.

However, something positive is going on here in Chillicothe, Ohio, seen by some, reported by too few, disbelieved by others but happening just the same. It may be a trickle but if you are like me, I am praying for a gulley washer and I think it is longed for by the masses. It is happening across this city and region, it may be happening in your area too but you just don’t seem to hear enough about it.

I have heard it and witnessed it on Jefferson Avenue. I know two locations on Dayton Street where it is expected. I know those who are gathering for it on High Street, Main Street, Mill Street, Mulberry Street, Paint Street, Water Street, Western Avenue, and more streets than I can report. I know it is happening out east at Highways 50 and 35. I hear of it burning in the crossroads communities of Kinnikinec, Hallsville and Richmondale and from one end of this area to the other.

What I am talking about are people who refuse to play church and something divine is happening in their midst. These are people who refuse to let the current state of affairs dictate their lives. These believe in a God who holds them accountable. No, I am not saying they have perfected their so called sainthood but I am talking about people who have met their God and they want all that He has for them, so they are giving Him all of them. They seek forgiveness before a holy God and find it along with the intestinal fortitude to make restitution for wrongs. They will humbly tell you they have no right or desire to sit in a “holier than thou” attitude of self-righteous pious snobbery. They have learned to turn off the 24 hour television and radio to get alone with their God and Savior. They read their Bible and see it as a love story from a Heavenly Father to His children as they feel His touch in their lives. They give of their time, their money, their talents and gifts to their neighbors and community. They pray for the sick with expected results – no, not everyone is being healed but some are. If you ask them why they do what they do, they will tell you it is because they met the Master of Life Eternal. Put them on a witness stand in any court and they will tell you He has given them a peace inside that passes human understanding. They sleep at night with the sense of a living Redeemer who let them drink of a cleansing of love that they will tell you they never deserved.

Amid all the news reports and rumors of some who morally and socially failed I can tell you that something positive is happening in Chillicothe Ohio. It am be only a trickle of what’s yet to come but it is time to uncover it and talk about it. I merely write this to encourage you to join with so many others who have surrendered their lives to God and together we will see that believing and living provides the ultimate possibilities. (c) 19JAN2010 HRGrimm

Catch the Vision of Possibilities
H. R. Grimm

(As I type this the devastation of Haiti is on all our minds. I encourage you to live your faith outside your place of worship and put our money to work as His hands of healing, redemption and restoration. On our money is printed “In God we trust” as the world looks at us a Christian nation, let’s not disappoint them.)

LivingTruth [Guest] - 2010/02/07 - 23:43:15
Amen Brother! Can I get a witness. Man this was inspiring.
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Pumpkin - 2010/02/10 - 13:34:36
Thank you for the reminder and encouragement.
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