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"Be A Good Neighbor: Think of the Possibilities"
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HRGRIMM - 9 years ago


March 11, 2010
There are news reports of neighborhoods that have fallen into the hands of derelict landlords, drug dealers, gangs and prostitution, not necessarily in that order. It could be easy to imagine that these types of crimes only happen in the “bad” neighborhoods but these issues can happen in any neighborhood. All it takes is one small step - neighbors let it happen.

Now some may say that “neighbors let it happen” is too harsh but who is responsible? Some blame these activities on the lack of patrolling police or the irresponsibility of landlords. Some may blame their City Administration or City Council as just not caring enough. Some may blame it on the “signs of the times” sighting a moral breakdown within society.

However, I do not want to lay blame but to come up with a simple plan of action. You and I are the first line of defense for our homes and families. If my neighbor allows crabgrass to flourish in their yard I can do one of two things: I can grumble and let it all spread into mine or I can grumble while putting “Weed & Feed” on my yard. It is the same thing about the activities I see in my neighborhood.

There are numerous Neighborhood Watch Programs. There is a program where citizens create teams who walk their streets with radios, cell phones and cameras. Another program has a type of “team leaders” with a military sense of training about it. I don’t mind telling you that if these are necessary for you to impact your neighborhood I will do everything in my power to encourage you and pray for your safety. As an old infantry soldier and preacher, I mean this!

Yet, here in my Brewer Heights neighborhood in Chillicothe Ohio, I do not see the need for these programs. Over the last two years I have been to almost every home in Brewer Heights. My goal is to “rally the troops” if you will with a simple plan. Get to know your neighbors and “Live your faith values outside your place of worship in your home and with your neighbors.”

Here’s how this can be put into practice: Build a line of communication with your neighbors. Get to know their names, where they work and what cars they drive. Get to know the hours they work too. Maybe your dog is keeping them awake when they work nights. Maybe your music is a little loud or not their type. If you see your neighbor’s trash can blowing into the street, move it for them. If you know your neighbor gets their newspaper by 10AM every morning and at 1PM it’s still there, check on them. If you see your neighbor’s garage door open late at 11PM and you know it is usually down by 10PM, check on them. Again, “Live your faith values outside your place of worship in your home and with your neighbors.”

I want the word to go out that in our city people are watching here in Brewer Heights…because we care. As we join our faith values together actively living on our streets things are going to be seen in the positive. People who may never attend your place of worship are going to see that you live what you say you believe and if they ever need someone to help them or pray for them, they are going to call on you. Wow, what a concept! It can’t be taxed, hired or outdated!

So, that’s my Brewer Heights Neighborhood Watch Program concept. We started it two years ago and I know you’re watching me and I want you to rest assured that I’m watching you. Why? Because we care about our neighbors, our neighborhood and our city .(c) March2010 HRG

Be a Good Neighbor: Think of the Possibilities!

H. R. Grimm
“Catch the Vision of Possibilities”
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